My musings on CV 19 events in general.


These 3 learned people put together an alternative way of handling the pandemic known as The Great Barrington Declaration. This has been signed by over 50K professionals (March 2021) and hundreds of thousands of the public. Of course, the main stream media kept silent and these people were smeared as “fringe scientists” by our illustrious BBC.
If the main narrative is obvious and correct, why are discussions on alternatives dismissed as “conspiracies”

Why dont these doyens of knowledge, Chris Witty, Valance, Ferguson and Sage actually debate with the scientists who disagree with them. Let them discuss the veracity of using PCR tests for Covid, show us the evidence that the Sars CoV-2 has been isolated, wearing face masks controls viruses. I suspect they know they would be found out if a TV debate took place. I am starting to put together a page for vaccine videos
I have included a few videos about St Bill of Gates including a well researched piece on Bills background and his media tentacles

The founders of the Great Barrington Declaration.

If you want to look at the declaration and make up your own mind, please visit the website. I sent the link to my local MP and if you agree with what these scientists say, why not email your MP.
Remember, there are going to be elections in all countries around the world. There are alternate parties forming all over so do your own research. The media is trying hard to suppress any views not adhering to the narrative. Click on the picture below to sign the declaration and make your voice heard.

A short video explaining case figures of Delta/Indian variant and hospitalisation update June 24th 2021 https://www.bitchute.com/video/KuBsdc42KZhZ/
Not a word in the media and this is based on actual data.🙊🙂 available on Government websites. No interest from main stream media, why?

The main site for corona virus data from around the world. Worldometer also has statistics of many things from GDP to number of smokers.

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